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A truly unique holiday experience

Humina Pub is one of those places that are almost impossible to describe to people who have never been there. Were we to attempt it, we would probably start with words like ‘authentic’, ‘original’ and ‘Lappish’, but you really need to experience it first hand. The pub’s atmosphere oozes out of the ancient snag that serves as the bar, the ski boots glued to the ceiling as decoration, the stuffed willow grouse that watches over the patrons and the rustic window frames – and the words and stories that have been exchanged in Humina Pub for decades.

Karaoke – in true Humina tradition

Sing and the world sings with you. Pick your song and your key and go for it! In Humina Pub, anyone can take to the stage. The lure of the limelight pulls in local legends and curious travellers alike. One thing is for sure: karaoke in the silence of the fells is an unforgettable experience.

pub karaoke

Dance the night away – every day

Even if you’re a bit shy of the microphone, karaoke is the place to be, whether you just want to sit back and enjoy the show or hit the dance floor. Thanks to the new annex, the dance floor has been extended too, and it now has enough room for a whole coach-load of tourists to have a twirl. Every night is karaoke night in Humina Pub, and the dance floor is there to be conquered from mid-morning if the weather doesn’t look too inviting but you still want to move your feet.

Ski boot dancing – lift your spirits!

In the afternoons, the dance floor of Humina Pub fills with the rhythmic clonking of ski boots. People have been coming to the pub’s ski boot dances for years and the unusual commemorative collection of ski boots glued to the ceiling add a sense of history. So keep your ski boots on and come round straight from the trails and slopes. Nothing relaxes tired leg muscles after a vigorous workout like ski boot dancing and the feel-good atmosphere is guaranteed to get your facial muscles animated too. Once you’ve had enough, you can focus your attention on tantalising your taste buds with treats from the buffet, for example.

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